About Us

Moonlight Apartment with another name Crystal Moon House tells everything about us – the best serviced apartment system for rent in Nha Trang. The phrase Crystal Moon – “total lunar eclipse” was chosen as it is the time of night once everybody does need a place to rest after all day long, towards to ensure the privacy of customers during downtime. Besides, lunar eclipse is a special occurrence, as that is your staying time at our apartments, where you can experience one of the fullest, the most professional, the safest, and the most comfortable, friendly spaces in our apartments. 


Crystal, like the clear moonlight, represents purity and sincerity, which is a Humanist value mentioned in our mission. The letter M in the phrase “Moon” stands for Memory, the sweet and memorable experiences you will have with our apartments; and Minimal, or the minimalist is a sophisticated, and sustainable style that we always strive for developing và sketching out the architecture in our apartments. The phrase oo in the phrase “Moon” symbolizes Infinity, representing our endless efforts and non-stop development to meet the maximum needs of our customers. All those great and wonderful things you can find in our cozy apartment – House, where you can completely feel at home.

“Just bring your backpack in, Everything is full for you.”


Moonlight Apartment with another name is Crystal Moon House, which is a fully-furnished apartment in Nha Trang that provides great comfort and privacy for both short and long-term stays. Humanity, Sustainability, and Prestige have always propelled us to the top. Experience the ease and comfort of staying in our apartments, where you can enjoy the peaceful life of your own residence with all necessary home amenities. 


With unremitting efforts and creativity, Crystal Moon House will continually investigate, grow and improve to bring outstanding eco-friendly architectural works to the system of apartments for rent of the brand, fully serving the needs of the market and customer desires.

Explore the cuisine at your sweet home

Being attracted to the first side is the usual way when you are impressed by someone. This special attraction being explored by our apartment is the freedom of cooking at home. Our apartment is not only a “House”, but also the place where you are able to make delicious dishes for you, your family, relatives and friends. You will not make your lovers to be “Shy”, but “Being flabbergasted” by your cooking talents. All the loving tones will be transferred through one-by-one dishes with the fancy meal which you spend it for your lovers. Moreover, the invitation to have a meal is the traditional custom of Việt people, lasts for years, that is, inviting your grandparents and parents to enjoy the meal made by you and your wife. The happiness of family is being heats from lovely and excellent meals and let’s maintain this custom in your daily life!

The great living space

The services we offer distinguish us from other properties that provide apartments for rent in Nha Trang. We go above and beyond to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. With our fully furnished, fully equipped, and carefully designed studio apartments, Crystal Moon House guarantees you the best accommodation experience. All spacious rooms have been designed to provide everything you need while escaping from your daily work to the business trip, which allows you to focus on your authentic experience: making the best time of your staying in Nha Trang. Our apartments are available for rent and we offer excellent lodging for those seeking affordable and comfortable apartments. During your stay at our house, our friendly staff will gladly assist you with anything.